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Neale has helped me on so many levels, with his intuitive ability to treat the mind, body and spirit, his in-depth knowledge and understanding and of course his needle work technique. I feel honoured and lucky to have found Neale. I have tried many other practitioners and I have never found any therapy or practitioner close to Neale’s ability, passion and generosity in teachings.  I drive three hours each way to see him and it is always the best six hours investment. The benefits he empowers one with have a lasting and life altering quality – each visit he is able to bring back the feeling of life and the energy ready to live it.

– Gabi Timm, Sunshine Coast.

Neale, you have a remarkable ability to connect to the depths of the soul, guiding it gently into knowingness, reminding it of truth and helping it to heal. You share your wisdom with the highest of integrity…Being in your presence is uplifting and often ground breaking, to say the least. Your extensive array of life experience coupled with your incredible commitment and passion for what you do is truly inspiring. You have a gift Neale. Thank you for sharing it.  You have made a significant contribution to my life. 

– Natalie Caruso, Melbourne

Neale is an exceptional practitioner who has the ability to see the underlying root cause of an issue you may be struggling with (physically, emotionally and mentally). And through his love, compassion and commitment to truth he will bring you to a place of complete awareness that has an almost instant transformational response to your whole being. I was utterly amazed at what Neale could see without me giving too much away verbally- I’ve never met anyone who is able to get straight to the point in such a short space of time and speak so much truth. I highly recommend Neale as a health practitioner – whatever your issue or problem – he will surely help you understand what’s going on for you whilst facilitating your healing process.

– Jess Marsden, New Zealand

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