The Five Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood.

As energy is everywhere, everything is connected. This is why each element is associated with an emotion, a body part, a sense, a flavour, a colour, a season, and much more. You can trace an illness or disease based on a person’s element and where their imbalances or blockages lie.

I am passionate about Five Element Acupuncture because it treats a person at the levels of body, mind, heart and spirit. It differs from Western medicine in that it is the person we are concerned with here, and not their symptom/s. This form helps bring a person back into balance and harmony within themselves.

To help explain the Five Elements in simple terms, my wife Jeri-Lee recently recorded some videos. I give a brief explanation in writing and have inserted the videos accordingly to give an overall picture.

If you are interested in figuring out what element you are, there is a questionnaire at the end of this summary that you can download, complete and email back to me for analysis.

Fire energy is about being happy, joyful and having relationships. Fire element is the time of Summer, a period of luxurious growth.

Fire people need to know things are not that serious, to gain rapport with Fire, people may need to be funny. Occasionally Fire people can also have lack of fire and there is a level of quiet, intimate sadness.

The Fire element rules the heart and small intestine – when the heart is in harmony the person will be genuinely friendly and can see through problems effortlessly and arrive at brilliant solutions. There is often laughter in a Fire person.

What an imbalanced Fire may look like: confused mind, no laughter, a pale face, speech problems, poor circulation, and a person may experience depression.

The Fire colour is red and bright like the element. Wood feeds Fire and helps it burn with its organised structure that sometimes Fire lacks.

Earth people want to be understood. The emotion is sympathy, their voice will sing. They can welcome a caring person to them or reject them.

The season is late Summer, it is the transformation from Yang to Yin. It is a pleasant tranquil and flourishing season.

The organs represented by the Earth element are spleen/stomach, the organs of digestion and transformation. The Earth element needs to digest things and have space to do things. To over-control the Earth element causes indigestion and the resultant crankiness.

The Earth colour is Yellow, and the taste is sweet. Earth elements often fall into the excess/deficient trap with food, especially sweets.

Fire feeds Earth, so the joyous fire can often lighten the sometimes serious Earth.

A Metal person will want respect, a sense that they are honoured. They may cut you up, put you down and dismiss something you say, or treat you with disdain. 

You sometimes need to take a slightly lowered physical position than the Metal element.

Autumn is the season of Metal, a time of harvest, a time to gather together on all levels, a time to store up food, a time of contraction.

The organs of lung/large intestines, breathing in new life, breathing out, letting go of old, a flow and connection to heaven.

When in harmony, the Metal person will tend to hold on to their principles and keep to their commitments and when time to let go of an object or relationship, they do this without emotional repression. They feel the associated grief and sadness but soon resolves it. Those with weak lungs experience loss and tend to stifle their sadness and never completely letting go.

A Water person; think of stillness and movement. They can be manic and be moving like a gushing river or quiet and still like a pond. They can seem to be on the edge of fear all the time.

Winter is the season of Water, and the organs are kidneys and bladder. The kidneys are seen as the root and foundation of the body, they rule the lower part including the sexual organs and their reproductive functions.

For the Water element listening clearly is heightened in the silent months. The hearing is related to the health of the kidneys.

Wood people need to know someone is in charge. They can have a shout quality to their voice. They can often interrupt in a conversation, argue the point. This is Wood finding out if there is any structure.

There is also the Wood who has a general lack of wood, with no assertion, no anger or anything, and can easily be pushed around.

Wood is the Springtime, water feeds it and often Wood people like something new happening. It is new growth, green, seeing this nourishes through the eyes of the Wood element person.

Self-expression, the emotion of anger and frustration are all characteristic of the Wood energy. The associated organs are the liver and gallbladder. When the liver is in harmony, there is never stress or tension. When the liver is obstructed, stagnant or overheated the energy flow throughout the body is hampered, resulting in a myriad of physical and emotional problems.

Ultimately this journey is about you. To understand yourself, your health challenges, and free you from your blocks, you need to have a grasp of your Element type.

Here is a comprehensive questionnaire that you can complete and send back for a free analysis. There are 3 parts to the questionnaire, please ensure you complete all 3 sections:

Adaptation Questionnaire – USE

Once you have received information about your Element type, I suggest arranging a Skype session with me to get a deeper understanding of the concepts discussed and ways to help you move forward.

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    • Thanks Jenny. In the clinic, the Element is observed by the sound, colour, odour and emotion of the person. It is difficult to grasp this on your own and you would need someone who knows Five Elements to help you. Blue skies, Neale

  1. Neale,

    I just wanted to personally thank you for the treatment you gave me. I am not sure how it worked but I feel as free as a bird!! I enjoyed the time with you and intend to further my learning and understanding of myself and others!!
    You have an energy I can’t explain, you are truly gifted. Hope to see you again.

    Warm Regards,

    Tracey x

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