Top 10 Tips for a Spiritually Healthier You

1. Learn to meditate

There are many different ways to meditate from walking mediation to standing meditation. One of the easiest to start with is just to count the breathing in through the nose in 4 counts, then hold for 2 counts, then breathe out the nose for 4 counts. See how quickly your mind wanders, it happens to everyone. Don’t give up just re-focus and start again. Enough training develops the strength. Begin the process of meditation with small steps.

2. Learn to connect back to the breath (sequences of 4-2-4 or 4-7-8)

As described in the first tip 4-2-4 is one breath pattern. Another stress relieving breath sequence is 4-7-8; inhale through nose 4 counts, hold 7 counts, breathe out through the mouth for 8 counts.

3.Create more discipline

Stick to things, develop kidney energy, do horse stance*.

Sadly lacking in the modern world, discipline helps you keep going when things get tough. When used with breath and focus, knowing that all things in life change, nothing stays the same. Giving in to base desires weakens your entire system.

*Horse stance

Start with feet shoulder width apart and slight grip with toes. Bend the knees while maintaining a straight back (bum not sticking out, tuck in tail bone). Lift up perineum and hold throughout. The more the knees are bent the stronger the exercise. Hands and palms face lower dantian. Elbows bent, gap in armpit. Head upright, look straight ahead with eyelids 9/10 closed. Breath is long, deep, smooth and even.Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 3.31.56 pm
4. Always eat as well as you can, get to know your body’s needs.

So much rubbish in supermarkets does not make it easy, having discipline definitely helps with this one also , try to buy organic local and fresh as possible , cook, prepare yourself , we are what we eat and what we assimilate.


5. Learn compassion, firstly with self then others, then all of life

Have understanding for your own situation. Develop empathy with self like you would a best friend, not in a way of excuse. Once you have some compassion for self then you can have compassion for others and humanity.

6. Find the meaning for your life, connected to going in and meditating

Mostly we have lost the meaning of life and we are programmed to believe that to get educated, get a job, retire, die… is our purpose?!! 1st understanding is “ Chop wood, carry water”. Understanding this goes a long way in the reality on this earth.

7. Start the day with 3 positives, end the day with 3 positives

Start the day in a positive way , gears the mind and body to look at things differently and it’s amazing how other positives follow , don’t look at life from your perception, but with new eyes every day.

8. Help others in some way

When helping others even in small ways gives the heart a moment of feeling love and this feel good becomes infectious and shows others a way to be kind.

9. Let go of stuff, become more simple

Wether it’s stuff in the house or thoughts in your head, decluttering is very liberating. Then become aware of what you buy ecologically, where is it made? Do I really need it? How will it be recycled when I don’t want it anymore? In the head letting go of thoughts, attachments, or old habits. You need to practise this with the first tip and adding discipline.

10. Know your heart

Get to know you better, what is it that you love? Not in pleasing someone else but ask yourself different questions. Check in to see how you really feel, remember feeling is not a thought.

These are my top 10 that I use on a regular basis to build energy and develop myself with in this life. We all need guide posts, tips, mentors and friends to give us a reflection and support when we get stuck.

Find your most important top 10, write them down and work with them on a regular basis.