Five Elements Qigong

As many people who have been to see me know, I practise 5 Elements Oriental medicine. This is a Taoist art that looks into your life and ways of living to find ways to balance the many aspects of your energetic imbalance or weakness. Through the needle, diet, exercise, and mind set I encourage ways that enable you to empower your innate healing ability.

Qigong is another such practise that connects you to the universal energy (Macrocosm) with your internal energy (Microcosm). In this way of using movement, breath and focus (meditation) we can begin to successfully connect energy centres, Acupuncture points and larger centres/Dantians to our inner realm and thereby filling up our bank account.

As this is a foundational art and not one of the made up chop suey practices that comes along using in-vogue words and glitter to sell a marketing idea, you gain valuable understanding of self, the energy that is within and that which surrounds us. Time is taken to gain a good foundation that will be of service to you the rest of your life, and not just a coffee club time filler.

Qigong helps you gain a deeper understanding of self through movement, mind, emotion and spirit. It unravels the daily post-natal patterning and pre-natal influences that are constantly there providing a story that seems real but is of the past. This deeper understanding allows you to learn more of your patterns and with the movements, gain health and flow to move in the direction that your nature has been asking for a long time.

Tao is the way, we only have to relax.

The five elements are in sequence starting with Metal-Water-Wood-Fire-Earth: