What is health?

medical-qigongFor centuries we have chased and theorised what health is. We now have so many views and recycling of the foundations from Ancient cultures that it is becoming a joke how words and advertising draw people to the same thing that has been around for as long as can be but now it is advertised in a way that pampers the fragile ego and “quick fix” mentality.

Our knowing naturally guides us, but now we only trust if it is backed by science or a fancy coloured advertising stint with nice words that sound authentic.

Reality – if you need water drink it, not some sugar coloured advertised wiz bang. Exercise – well…lets say keep that simple too, all the fads come and go, it is time to get REAL with all things. Food – has now become so messed up we are confused what to eat and have to ask what to eat, what to drink and how TO BREATHE!

No wonder children are confused, depressed and aggressive, they are born with Tao (nature and knowing), we then educate them or programme them to be focused in the head and forget what we came here knowing already.

Emotions – the sun and moon are different energies that create feelings and emotions at different times. Male and female respond differently to the same influences. To get to know what and how we feel is healthy. On the flip side, to suppress and drug these feelings can only do harm. Only you know yourself and what you need as an individual.

So what we look for individually will differ in what we feel makes us healthy. If you focus on physical then you might think you are healthy by going to the gym. If your focus is food, you might think you are healthy by drinking green juices, yet both of these do not give health just by doing them.

So what is health?

Defined by the WHO (World Health Organisation), it is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease. But there is no mention of spirit or emotion.

From the Oriental perspective health comprises of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and 3 treasures supporting the body – Shen, Qi and Jing.

Shen is our spirit, we know it as our psychological wellbeing and spiritual well being. It is that spark of divinity that can so easily be seen in babies and young children. When this Shen is fully open in the heart, you experience the full joy of living and life.

Qi is our day to day vitality and protective energy. It determines how we adapt to the world around us and how well we function. With Qi in abundance our adaptability is optimised and an abundant life follows. Qi is made by the food we eat, the air we breathe, the relaxation, the exercise i.e. Qigong and from Tao (nature).

Jing has been translated as the essence stored in the kidneys. The primal life force. It determines our life force and how long we live. If you replenish on a daily basis, it’s as if you are recharging your inner battery before you run dry. This can slow down the aging process, giving you energy reserves to handle everything in life.

For centuries the understanding of these energies has been the foundation of the Orient, if we truly get to understand these energies and mix it with a modern approach, we can have an amazing health outlook and future. Instead of chasing after false experiences outside of ourselves and relying heavily on false energies to get an experience, our job is really to look after all three treasures so we can experience life in a deeper and more meaningful way.

I know this is a very simplified and short introduction. For more in-depth understanding in the Oriental ways there is so much information out there, but someone to help guide you is probably the best.