Happy New Year from the Philippines

I am writing this inspired in my wife’s native Philippines, my first visit and what a place to be writing about Eastern health science!Version 2

Even though I have been to Asia many times this trip is really getting me to face many cultural differences and food challenges that I have never previously met.

Well there can be many reasons for these challenges, but one that is the most apparent to me is the fact that it is not 3 years since my last bowel operation and I know what makes me feel good food wise ,and my routines around the bathroom are pretty safe in the West and there is a large degree of comfort gained from this safety.

Traveling with my young children has also brought many fears that I have been possibly projecting onto them around cleanliness, keeping clean and many more. Fortunately my wife who was brought up in this culture and environment is more relaxed and I see how we balance my fears and my wife’s too relaxed attitude to a happy space.

Gut health is so important and so is the water supply. This does not differ wherever you go in the world. What I see when in places like this is a loss of priorities, especially addressing our emotions and feelings. When these are pushed down so far our health is compromised. Health should always be number one. But here people are pushed to work constantly just to pay rent, buy food or pay hospital bills, this is so sad. On the flip side I have also experienced a wonderful spirit and will among the people to keep facing life and its suffering with humour and dignity.

The food in the Philippines has many influences from China, Spain, Portugal and latterly America. There is a lot of meat, rice, and sauces with lots of sugar, quite hard for a vegetarian clean living Oriental health nut.

I feel so lucky to have been blessed with little suffering compared to so many others in this world. I am living and learning every day how to let go, be, enjoy, accept, love, and inspire others to be grateful and be happy as you can.

Wishing you all the very best of health in the year of the Fire Monkey, and may you all find peace and love.

Blessings, Neale