Bring the Energy Home

Bring the energy home.Breath Floral Portrait

People who have been working with me recently will know what I am talking about. The art and practise of bringing the energy to the Dantian navel area – this involves breath, mind, and visualisation.

As the pace of life keeps speeding up i.e. trying to do more things in a day with expectations that everything in our body will be good, we will come across problems physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Most times we don’t know a problem exists until some part of our well-being is screaming at us.

In Oriental Medicine we look at two main channels carrying energy up the back and down the front of the body, Governor vessel and Conception vessel, Yang and Yin energies. These two energy channels feed into the other channels and make connections, so that everything runs well in the body. As you know I love helping people empower themselves, take charge of their responsibility for their own wellbeing. Bringing the energy home is so powerful that it still surprises me how effective it is.

How do we do this?

First part – bring your mind focus to the belly navel area. When the mind wanders keep bringing it back to navel.
2nd part – breathe into navel area with awareness.
3rd part – visualise energy building in this area, add a colour if you like.
4th part (the tricky bit) – After you have built the energy, visualise this energy moving from the navel down to the bladder. Then breathing inhalation into the bladder, visualise energy moving to the point between the legs while exhaling, then inhale into that point and exhale again while visualising the energy move to the coccyx. So energy is now moving up your body at the back. Now inhale and exhale and visualise into these points after the coccyx:
Spinal cord
Base of skull
Top of head
3rd eye point (on the forehead)

You have now completed one cycle.  Some of you might have found some points difficult to move the energy through. This can often be a blockage. Keep working with it and a flow will come. The best time to practise in a busy life is in bed before sleep and when first waking up.

Here is a video to help those visual people.