Purple Tomatoes

Purple tomatoes

purple tomatoSo we have it, purple tomatoes to enter the food chain. Designed in the UK and claimed to have similar properties that blueberries have as an antioxidant, this study on animals shows It COULD HELP FIGHT AGAINST CANCER.

Wow did I miss something or are we now fully crazy to accept such rubbish and think it’s great because scientists created it and we all believe animal studies to be as good as on humans? Surely if it has to be designed to do the same as blueberries why not just have blueberries?!

I am trying to find the balance in this GMO activity but somehow I just cannot find good things to say about it, ever. Are we now so far away from our nature and tired that it’s too hard to stop it? Is it clever this science or pure stupidity? I have gone into many forums and such, and come away when people start getting angry and threatening when protecting a point of view.

We can do our best in what we put in our mouth and stomach and trust our bodies to take out what it needs and let go of the rest. What I have learnt on my latest health challenge in the past two years is that as we get older we need to help our bodies more to maintain wellness and understand the changes as they occur. We cannot stand behind something that helped us when we were 20 and now when much older expect things will stay the same. For example, exercising with so much energy and still trying to do the same when 40 expecting the same benefit. Most will find it doesn’t work this way, in fact, it does the opposite.

We cannot remain so rigid in our thinking. We need to deal with the situation in the present and not rely on how we have dealt with a similar situation in the past. Take for instance the teachings that I learnt in Chinese Medicine around alcohol and when used as a medium for herbs and fruits can help all manner of conditions. My belief at the time however was so against alcohol and I simply would not entertain this in my body. Now I use these mediums as it has helped me greatly to bring about changes and balance to a sometimes compromised digestive system when I was sick.  Of course alternatives are available without alcohol and some people would not be suited to this approach if they have problems with alcohol. However, I felt great benefits and it suited me in the cold European climate I have been living in. Upon returning to Melbourne Australia in March we will see what other changes I need to make to allow my system to stay strong.

These are challenging and exciting times. Will we survive our repeatable mistakes as a world community?!!! Yes if we all keep waking up to our lessons and be present in as many moments as possible and keep away from PURPLE TOMATOES.

May the way of love and peace be with you as you travel this time. May your friends be inspired by your being-ness. And may you let go of troubles including gas that don’t need carrying by you.

Look forward to meeting you again soon.