Travelling Energy

We are all time travellers now and move tuktukfrom space to space in such a way that it has become unconscious, part of our everyday world.

Whether we move in the car, plane or train, our energy is subject to this unsettling movement (unless of course we have mastered time travel).

What is the problem with this travelling and what effect does it have on us?

Some of my observations on this subject have become clearer as I am getting older and more in tune with the movement of this energy. When I am still and feel settled then experience fast movement, it becomes more apparent the feeling at the Dantian (a kind of unsettled feeling).

In the short term this travelling does not seem to have any big effects on our health apart from tiredness and maybe some constipation or bloatedness. If the regular travel continues and we do not master our bodies’ needs then things become a little bit more noticeable with more symptoms (i.e. our bodies trying to get our attention). These symptoms include headaches, irritability, mood swings and an increased intake of snacks particularly sweet things. We look for things to fill a space inside of us. This space I feel is the misplaced energy that comes with moving at a speed greater than that of our natural speed.

This energy travelling also comes when working with people whose minds are racing into tomorrow and with deadlines either real or perceived. In our sensitive state and being unconscious with self, we move into their speed and quickly feel pushed, stressed, and with similar symptoms of time travelling. This is not recognised by any science that I have read. Scientific facts mainly say that you can move a human body in an accelerated speed (i.e. from the Earth to the Moon) and have no problems?!!

Well according to Taoist wisdom, our spirit is often left behind with such accelerated speed experienced by our physical bodies. Again the mastery is in keeping our energy in designated areas known as the Dantians. This is hard enough for most people without the effects of constant travel. I’m sure many have experienced getting sick while on holiday or just before setting off when we have finally slowed down and bingo, we realise we have actually been running on empty. Our minds and adrenaline keep us going on false energy which deceptively makes us feel like everything is OK, that is, until we stop that supply by slowing down.

What can we do?

There has been much talk recently about the miraculous effect of grounding. This is reconnecting ourselves through our feet to the Earth. The main acupuncture point being the Yongquan K1 on the sole of the feet. This acupuncture point in modern life is mostly covered up and hidden away from touching the Yin Earth. Nothing compares to the feeling of sand or freshly dug earth beneath your feet! This act of feeling the Earth under our feet reconnects the circuitry in our body and taps into a vast amount of energy that is pulsing under our feet. Regular reconnecting and visualising around this point does do wonders for our chaotic energy.

Food. Now here is a big one and quite controversial. Grounding foods include root vegetables that have stayed in the ground for a long period soaking up the yin qualities of the Earth, for example; yam, sweet potato, carrot, beet root, parsnip. This type of food helps us stay more in the body and literally earths us. This is not to be mistaken for other nutritional advice as they look at different aspects of food.

Next, Qigong and yoga! I put these two ancient practises together as they are, in my book, the most important exercises you will ever do, if done properly! The benefits are too numerous to mention… maybe in another article.

Mediation on the microcosmic orbit. I have recorded a CD download with this meditation on. Wonderful for reconnecting the two main energy channels in the body and helping wayward energy.

Finally, relax and take it easy – probably one of the hardest things to do in this modern fast paced momentum of living.

Life is about learning and growing within, experiencing our ups and downs and moving on.

Hope you have fun and this article can help in some way.