A simple Revolution

A simple Revolution

warriorWe need to be the revolution ourselves for the outside revolution to take place.

Momentum is building in all walks of life at the dissatisfaction of the current ways in which we live. It is not just in the health movement people are fed up with lack of integrity or honest information without the link to some scheme around making more money. We all stand in a difficult place as we have been brought up with it, programmed into our subconscious. We have all been taught to sell ourselves in the most profitable way. What to do? We are all “a-stupid” as my Sudanese friend would tell me.

This is the time for the revolution. To look at ourselves deeply and see our habits and patterns and come to enough awareness within ourselves to seek help or work with ourselves to bring about transformation.

As I talked about in the meditation newsletter there are no real short cuts in life. The old ways of being with a master for however long the master deemed necessary are mostly gone. Now we have to sift and sort through many seductive stories of the truth in all aspects of our life. We get caught going on many journeys and not completing any, being pulled by the latest seduction or promise of something.

A story I heard relating to this is of a master who wanted to demonstrate to his students the many possibilities in life and what happens if you don’t persevere on one path. He took them into the country to visit a farmer who was looking for water in his fields. The master let the students look around for a while and asked them to come back after some time and tell him what they saw. When they came back they said that there were many holes in the farmer’s field, but they didn’t understand the meaning the master was trying to convey. He asked “Did the farmer find water in the many holes that took many months to dig?” They said “No he hadn’t found water.” He asked “What use were the fields with so many holes in them?” They answered “Not much.”  The master then asked “Had the farmer been wasting his time after so many years digging holes and still no water?” This gave the students much to think about and in the true eastern teaching the master didn’t give an answer.

Are we also going down several paths without going all the way? Are we going down exciting new paths only to stop and go another direction? As a colleague of mine stated on TV, the world is insane and we are mad.

The revolution I am talking about is inside which can possibly create an outside revolution when we wake up.

When the organs are functioning optimally from care and understanding, the mind and the emotions also change, creating more clarity and harmony. When this is also supported with qigong or yoga we have a revolution that is creating cellular change throughout the body.

As I have talked about in previous articles there needs to be a plan with certain principles adhered to which support the process we are in. A plan could look like this for the body:

  • Focus on what you want to achieve, keep it simple
  • Cleanse the physical body for one day, start off slow – 1 day coming off or reducing intake of coffee or tea, sugar and all pastries, biscuits and bread. Drink herbal teas and yin yang water throughout the day
  • Start the day with organic in-season fruit no more than 3 different fruits for breakfast
  • Salads or steam veggies for lunch (potatoes are OK)
  • Steam veggies and greens, you can use olive oil with lemon juice
  • No salt
  • Principle: food during the day needs to be alkaline

After cleansing for one day try to keep to 80% alkaline foods, check out many tables and lists of these foods on the internet. There are some variations but most are pretty much standard.

Other things to help the cleanse:

  • Listen to calm gentle music. Focus on your breath as often as possible for three inhalations and exhalations.
  • Skin brush the body before a warm and cold shower
  • Have two 20 minute walks
  • Yoga or Qigong
  • Have a 10 minute power nap (no more than 10 mins)

Starting this simple process wakens up your body and gently releases stuff that gunks up your body and mind.

Start the revolution.