Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture.

graphic 5 elementsA lady came to the clinic with no particular problem or symptom she was complaining about other than that her friend had been to see me and I had treated her with Five Element Acupuncture. Her friend was so happy and seemed so different after treatment that she wanted the same. With such high expectations I had to bring her down somewhat and explain that everybody is different and her experience would not be the same as her friend’s.

This started a deep journey of exploration by the client into her whole life. She felt she had never been truly herself and tried to fit in wherever she went. This made her angry. She was very weak in Gall Bladder energy and could not make decisions, often changing her mind with a stronger person around then feeling pissed off with herself for being so weak.

After a series of visits she said she felt stronger in herself, was sleeping better, exercising more, BUT she felt no different. Obviously this session was then taken up discussing the last BUT statement. Her element just kept changing from one session to the next as she tried to be the same as friends, copying behaviours unconsciously in her pursuit of what she thought would make her happy. After uncovering many layers of her character I now noticed something I had not done before and that was a shout in her voice with a very forward energy (Wood element). This subtle clue helped me a great deal. The subsequent sessions I was able to focus on her Wood element and this really gave her the sense of herself. Happiness began to flood into her life. With some Qigong and other self-help guides, she maintains happy health with seasonal visits as the weather changed and with it her mood.

Five Element Acupuncture is a beautiful system of Acupuncture more ancient than the relatively modern TCM. It is based upon the Taoist view of life and the system of natural laws. It is both an art and a science. The basic principle of its practise is the giving of constant attention to diagnosis and treatment of the causes, rather than the symptoms of disease. This system was brought to the West by JR Worsley of the UK. He taught many students from all over the world in a way that captivated me. Although I was not a direct student of his, I could feel his teaching from one of his direct students.

Many colleges teach Five Elements usually in adjunct to either TCM or other Oriental ways. I originally learnt a mixture, predominantly TCM with Five Element flavour and the understanding of it. It was only later after many years in practise that I studied Five Elements further. This time I felt the magic of the system, and I wanted to develop this further within myself to help people who came to the clinic.

Thank you to all my teachers and clients who have helped me understand life and suffering.
I continue my journey with some setbacks but still with a thirst for better understanding.