Feng Shui

Feng Shui

feng shuiLike most things in the modern world we over-complicate things. We forget that we know the basics and then pay enormous amounts of money for someone to suggest placement and remedies that are pretty simple. Having said that, there are some complicated situations where an expert’s help can be of enormous value. Arriving at the point of balance within yourself takes practise.

How is this related to Feng shui? Well in Chinese Medicine everything is about the flow of energy around our body. Anything that does not flow creates different levels of stagnation which can lead to disease or syndromes, and in turn creates symptoms or bad situations in the body.

Feng Shui (the literal meaning is Wind and Water)  is the same except applied to the living environment or working environment we choose, or find ourselves in. In our home situation for example we would firstly look at how we feel with the general position of the house i.e. direction, and the light in the house at different times of the day. Then we would look at the front door and see what the situation is like for energy to come into the house. The front door of the house is similar to the face on the human body. This means that everything that comes into the house comes through the front door.  If the energy coming to the front door is blocked by bushes or trees, or the front door faces a big high rise building or factory then this is contributing to a negative energy (due to the blockage) coming to your front door (or to look at it in the body’s situation, eating poor quality food or shallow breathing).

Most situations have remedies. I introduce some simple ones here.

Front entrance remedies:

  • Brightness/plenty of light indicates a bright future.
  • If bad energy faces front door, e.g. high buildings or corner of a road, mirrors can be used to deflect this energy.

Bedroom remedies:

  • Avoid yang colours such as red and pink. These energies are too yang and active. Your body cannot recuperate the energy and health would not be good.
  • Be careful of your choice of pictures and photos in the bedroom. They should ideally reflect the balance of love and harmony, as bedroom is more about yin energy.
  • Do not sleep under working air con.
  • Avoid TVs and computers in the bedroom.
  • Do not have bedroom windows fully open during night time sleep.
  • Try to have enough room under the bed so air can circulate. Mattress on the floor is not good in the long term.

Feng Shui deals with an unseen world but nevertheless has a great influence. Very much like a tree, the most important part that you cannot see are the roots/foundation.

The most important thing I feel is to get know your home and how you feel in your home. Move things around and see how the changes affect you. It is amazing how small things make a big impact. Also, have fun with your experimenting.

There are many Feng Shui schools all have different ways of interpretation. Nothing is absolute – some will make more sense than others. Stick with what feels right for you.

Obviously this is a very simple introduction to a truly beautiful art developed over time and so applicable to help us all in a very busy world.

Question: Why is clutter bad in Feng Shui?

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2 thoughts on “Feng Shui

  1. Hi Neale

    YES, there are many schools of Feng Shui just like there is with Acupuncture like Toyohari Japanese Acupuncture and other chinese acupuncture systems besides the 5 Element System of Acupuncture. So yes it is about what resonates with our clients and who we are drawn to – the energy of that person !

    In Interior Alignment we acknowledge the wisdom of Feng Shui and Space Clearing but we believe at the core of each person, yes they instinctively or intuitively know what is right for their life. That being said a Soul requires certain premises to feel comfortable at HOME. There are physical energies of the buildings, earth energies, emotional energies, spiritual and etheric energies. Whilst we are not separate from our environments there are more complex issues people are faced with and might not be able to deal with, that I believe is where we can help.

    A spaces energy is most influenced by the amount of love given and received within its walls just like our physical body !

    sending sunshine

  2. Clutter !

    What is clutter – an accumulation of things in our life that are not needed, broken or loved but seem hard to address and we choose to keep. Most people think of clutter as just the physical aspects but clutter is also tied to the emotional and mental aspects of our life. They are all connected and can be a real psychological drain!

    eg – If your heart is cluttered, you cant focus your mind.

    Clutter affects the flow of CHI and brings down energy levels within a home and on the person, so hence it affects their flow of LIFE, it is also expensive.

    When deciding if something is clutter look at the phrase – USE IT LOVE IT or GET RID OF IT.

    Feng Shui tip – its best not be keep your bedroom cluttered or the wealth and relationship areas of your home !!

    sending sunshine
    Karen Quant
    Master Teacher Interior Alignment

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