Cancer – not a word that inspires you

Cancer – not a word that inspires you.

In fact for most people, myself included, a word that sends fear down their spine and most times running from the thought of it. Definition by the medical dictionary says that cancer is not just one disease but a collection of 100 diseases, it goes on to say that if not controlled its two main characteristics are its ability to grow and move from one site to another, and can cause death. Research now is becoming very interesting in that there is more understanding from other points of view and it seems that we have been somewhat duped into believing firstly, the concept of cancer, and secondly, in the treatment of cancer.

My interest in this subject has recently been intensified after being diagnosed with a malignant tumour in my bowel in August 2012. No research at the time was possible as my case was an emergency with bowel blockage and imminent surgery scheduled in Munich. This then led to complications after the surgery where I was put in an induced coma and had further surgery to save my life. I spent 4 weeks in intensive care and a further 5 weeks in a ward recovering and learning to walk again. I dropped 20 kgs and no muscle to get me moving easily again.

The next part of my journey was back with my family to gain some strength and this was the best and most valuable part of the recovery. We connected, we cried, we learnt how to communicate more clearly and deeply. It was a massive awakening for us all, especially for me after spending so much time with myself and fears.

I then entered an Orthodox/ Alternative clinic near Munich run by a man called Dr Douwes who has literally helped thousands of people with many types of Cancer. The treatment at that point was only possible with private payment and many Aussies were there. Most having got sponsors or help from family to enable their treatments. In my case I was fortunate to have a client who very kindly paid for two weeks of treatment which was enough for me to get the all clear before Christmas, and another chance to be with my family and friends enjoying life in every moment.

The links I provide below have been an invaluable source for greater understanding. I am now able to view Cancer with a better understanding and awareness.

My journey and learning continues and my intention is to help as many people as I can face their fears before they manifest, and to give tools and medicine to deal with the modern afflictions that we have created. I wish all beings ease with their suffering, and all fears faced with the hand of love and family.

In health,

Neale a.k.a Devayan (another story)

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