Like the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Like the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

It’s been a while since the last newsletter and this one is written on the back of being in hospital for the last 9 weeks overcoming a situation that in my mind could not possibly happen to me. So writing this now I bring a deeper clarity than ever before, with more humbleness and greater appreciation of what we call health, and the influencing factors that affect us all in unique ways.

Sometimes these things come along to wake us up and change our perspective of how things operate in us or in nature that we could not have previously entertained in our thinking.

My situation took me away from Australia, a place that has been home for the last 7 years, and back to Europe, my original home, to understand some aspect of my past that I hadn’t dealt with (even though I would have sworn this work I had already undertaken and dealt with). Through this whole episode of hospital and orthodox medicine I was able to gain valuable insights, sensitivity towards myself, and discovered boundaries that I had never felt before.

As a Fire element I experienced a tremendous shock from the hospitalisation and the changes that I have had to accept in my body. My joy was gone initially and a deep sadness had overtaken my whole being.  On many levels I am now able to empathise with so many more beings who are also suffering. This was a massive awakening, as I thought I could already empathise with those suffering before entering hospital.

Working with some amazingly gifted people here in Germany with a great vision of health, offering seminars and retreats, was the reason I thought I came back to Europe. Now with this experience I have gained something deeper still, and the work that I am now doing has much more clarity.  I feel I am getting another opportunity to find balance. I am blessed to still be here enjoying this journey of life. My dream is to help people with this deeper insight and clarity, to continue to work towards easing people’s suffering as much as I can with my humble abilities.

I am pleased to finally launch my recording of meditations and teachings in a downloadable CD. I touch on the very subjects I have written above, about helping others become awake without necessarily undergoing the pain and suffering I have gone through. These tracks were recorded in Australia before I left. I was amazed when I had finished as to how smoothly the recording flowed, having covered everything I wanted to say in one sitting without a break, notes or prompting.

I feel like the phoenix rising from the ashes, and as Arnold Schwartzenegger in the movie The Terminator says “I’ll be back!”