Taoist Foundations For Health

Principles: Awareness. Clear. Movement. Nourishment.

Health and the maintenance of it are a balance of many factors, some are more obvious than others. Chinese medicine gives us some insight to the ways in which we can create a balance of the energies that keep us healthy. The biggest factor I believe to achieving this goal is following certain principles underpinned by Oriental medicine, which creates the foundation to build from.

My teachers have always kept it simple and based in Nature therefore easy to follow or observe in the Nature that surrounds us.

What is a principle? Definition: an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct: guiding sense of the requirements and obligations of right conduct.

The principles that I use in the very beginning of working with, or treating a person, are:

1.   Awareness, what is our awareness of the current situation we are faced with? Other respected people’s awareness of our situation can often be very beneficial in enhancing our awareness.

We need to be honest and we often need that birds’ eye view of the situation that gives the clarity. Breathing and taking a pause brings greater awareness than rushing and doing the “same same”. Meditation can give better perspective and clearer awareness.

2. Clear, this is about releasing old ways/patterns/habits that keep us blocked, stuck. Even the words that we use keep us stuck, and the careful use of words can clear many poor relationship issues with others and ourselves.

Food – a big one in our society , we often numb ourselves or hide/protect our issues by eating. Exercise – another way that we can punish ourselves and develop unhealthy habits that when cleared, release a fresh new outlook and energy. So, clearing is getting rid of what is not needed and becoming more specific and efficient, in order that energy can flow easier.

3.  Movement, this is moving in the direction that will give the biggest benefit to the action/task you are wanting to develop, it is no good going to a gym and punishing yourself if you are depleted of energy to begin with. A better option is to try a yoga class or Qigong. By using the previous principles, our knowing becomes clearer, and moving in ways that support our well-being becomes easier.

Moving in the natural direction with food would be clearing out all the de-naturalised foods in your cupboards, check ingredients, if you do not know what the ingredients are or mean, they are no good for you.

4. Nourishment, who wouldn’t want to be nourished? This can be on the 4 levels – on the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

With the previous principles working, nourishment comes far easier, we will naturally get nourished when doing the best for ourselves. These principles are constantly being used and nature prevails.

Without methods, we are just at the mercy of our “normal” self which is the programmed, socialised self. Using principles such as these help get us to where we want to go safely, on a path that has been walked before and proved to be safe.

We will continue to explore these principles in more detail through our e-book series.