The “chop suey” syndrome to our search for health

The “Chop Suey” Syndrome to our Search for Health.

Natural medicine, nature cures, alternative, complimentary, are they the same? Should I have a massage or find out about past lives? Do I do a colonic or have acupuncture? Is shiatsu the same as acupressure? Maybe just stay as I am and hope everything will get better with time! Many questions, many paths, some from authentic roots and firm foundation, others chop suey.

Having walked this path for the last 30 odd years I have been called a hippy, a dreamer, a weirdo, to name a few, most of the opinions I don’t share but understand where they are coming from.

Rules and regulations around herbs, food and therapies all strangle and deplete the essence and true nature of the original intention. Fear dominates our society and our masculine’s fight towards survival intensifies. What to do?!

Our western mindset is towards searching outside of ourselves, finding a saviour, a guru, standardising right and wrong – an absolute. Yet our individual journey is unique, being quiet and listening is one of our hardest tasks. We miss so much in our speed/haste.

In the traditional skill of health and well being, we learn to be in the moment – don’t push so much, stay centred and breathe. Go within wherever possible. We develop skills that we were originally born with.

Have patience. Develop your knowing, your intuition. Be guided by knowing (not some other planet being!).

Already that is a lot to deal with, just reading through this blog.

As one of my teachers has said many times, our questions can lead us to the answer. When we get stuck, we are asking the wrong questions or in the wrong way, e.g. should I have massage for a niggly back pain or go to the Osteopath? If you know these modalities, check inside yourself with the questions, and listen to the answer of your body. Or get clever, go to an Osteopath who also does massage! Once we find these pathways to our knowing it becomes easier and easier to know.

For the next few months, we will focus on how to better understand this knowing. I will share with you the basic principles that will help guide us on this journey of discovery.