Elemental Journey

The Elemental journey continues with a freshness after more relearning and learning in Sydney at the weekend.

How beautiful life unfolds if we stop pushing and fighting to be right,the Tao the very nature that runs through our veins is so precious and magical yet we block it and resist its very presence.

Beginning to sound poetic and all knowing, far from it, just playing with a feeling for a bit, weaving the magic from one world to another.

Had a 5 Element treatment at the weekend and as the qi began to flow back into my true spirit and not towards a pattern I could feel the palpable difference in everything within me and around me, no I was not taking drugs, although it could be looked as natures drug, flow, breath, qi, child-like approach to now.

As more and regulations enter our profession defining the way that is acceptable the more I feel the fear dictate our lives and health,this fear we must all face and find other ways to do the same thing,as what happened in China when Communism took over and banned many expressions of the beautiful qigong and spirit based acupuncture. The essence was kept alive by a few and shared so we now can continue the journey and flow to our generations.

Be bold, be strong, let your spirit dance and show you the path ……..to be continued.