Neale uses his expertise in Complimentary and Oriental medicine to bring about self-awareness to clients, assisting them on their journey to well-being and abundance. 

An expert Chinese Health practitioner with over 25 years experience, Neale is able to address a core range of challenges that many busy people face daily in the modern world and guide them to better health and wellbeing. By reading the body’s energies, utilising acupuncture, addressing diet and using Qi healing, Neale can help to release blocks that hold people back from living a centred and wholesome life. The simple, yet highly effective techniques used by Neale enable people to reconnect and reclaim that much needed balance back into their life.

Born in the UK, Neale started in the health field in 1976 from a sporting background and family.  After studying Martial Arts, Neale also became a qualified Qigong Instructor. Two injuries not helped by Western Medicine led Neale to explore and later gain qualifications in Massage, Osteopathy and Chinese Medicine. Neale’s other studies include Buddhism and Taosim with Meditation and Tea Ceremonies to bring about centeredness and stillness. Neale has lived in England, France, Canada and New Zealand.

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